Key English Occitan
settings.useStreamingApiWarning (Not recommended, experimental, known to skip posts) (You)
status.plus_more +{number} more
status.thread_muted_and_words , has words:
settings.accent Accent
about.mrf.simple.accept Accept
tool_tip.accept_follow_request Accept follow request
tool_tip.add_reaction Add Reaction
settings.profile_fields.add_field Add field
polls.add_option Add option Ajustar d’opcions
polls.add_poll Add poll Ajustar un sondatge
user_reporting.additional_comments Additional comments
general.role.admin Admin
nav.administration Administration
settings.allow_following_move Allow auto-follow when following account moves
settings.discoverable Allow discovery of this account in search results and other services
settings.always_show_post_button Always show floating New Post button
user_reporting.generic_error An error occurred while processing your request. Audio
login.authentication_code Authentication code