Key English Occitan
about.mrf.federation Federation
about.mrf.keyword.ftl_removal Removal from "The Whole Known Network" Timeline
about.mrf.keyword.keyword_policies Keyword policies
about.mrf.keyword.reject Reject
about.mrf.keyword.replace Replace
about.mrf.mrf_policies Enabled MRF policies
about.mrf.mrf_policies_desc MRF policies manipulate the federation behaviour of the instance. The following policies are enabled:
about.mrf.simple.accept Accept
about.mrf.simple.accept_desc This instance only accepts messages from the following instances:
about.mrf.simple.ftl_removal Removal from "Known Network" Timeline
about.mrf.simple.ftl_removal_desc This instance removes these instances from "Known Network" timeline:
about.mrf.simple.media_nsfw Media force-set as sensitive
about.mrf.simple.media_nsfw_desc This instance forces media to be set sensitive in posts on the following instances:
about.mrf.simple.media_removal Media Removal
about.mrf.simple.media_removal_desc This instance removes media from posts on the following instances:
about.mrf.simple.quarantine Quarantine
about.mrf.simple.quarantine_desc This instance will send only public posts to the following instances:
about.mrf.simple.reject Reject
about.mrf.simple.reject_desc This instance will not accept messages from the following instances: