Key English Korean
about.mrf.mrf_policies_desc MRF policies manipulate the federation behaviour of the instance. The following policies are enabled:
general.flash_content Click to show Flash content using Ruffle (Experimental, may not work).
general.flash_security Note that this can be potentially dangerous since Flash content is still arbitrary code.
general.flash_fail Failed to load flash content, see console for details.
nav.friend_requests Follow requests 팔로우 요청
nav.dms Direct messages 다이렉트 메시지
nav.public_tl Public timeline 공개 타임라인
polls.single_choice Single choice
polls.multiple_choices Multiple choices
polls.not_enough_options Too few unique options in poll
emoji.keep_open Keep picker open
emoji.load_all_hint Loaded first {saneAmount} emoji, loading all emoji may cause performance issues.
errors.storage_unavailable Pleroma could not access browser storage. Your login or your local settings won't be saved and you might encounter unexpected issues. Try enabling cookies.
interactions.load_older Load older interactions
post_status.direct_warning_to_all This post will be visible to all the mentioned users.
post_status.direct_warning_to_first_only This post will only be visible to the mentioned users at the beginning of the message. Post
post_status.scope_notice.private This post will be visible to your followers only
post_status.scope_notice.unlisted This post will not be visible in Public Timeline and The Whole Known Network Direct - post to mentioned users only 다이렉트 - 멘션 된 사용자들에게만