Key English Korean
about.mrf.mrf_policies_desc MRF policies manipulate the federation behaviour of the instance. The following policies are enabled:
chats.chats Chats
chats.delete Delete
chats.delete_confirm Do you really want to delete this message?
chats.empty_chat_list_placeholder You don't have any chats yet. Start a new chat!
chats.empty_message_error Cannot post empty message
chats.error_loading_chat Something went wrong when loading the chat.
chats.error_sending_message Something went wrong when sending the message.
chats.message_user Message {nickname}
chats.more More New Chat You: Today
emoji.keep_open Keep picker open
emoji.load_all_hint Loaded first {saneAmount} emoji, loading all emoji may cause performance issues.
errors.storage_unavailable Pleroma could not access browser storage. Your login or your local settings won't be saved and you might encounter unexpected issues. Try enabling cookies. Audio
file_type.file File
file_type.image Image Video