Key English Korean
post_status.scope.private Followers-only - post to followers only 팔로워 전용 - 팔로워들에게만
post_status.scope.public Public - post to public timelines 공개 - 공개 타임라인으로
post_status.scope.unlisted Unlisted - do not post to public timelines 비공개 - 공개 타임라인에 게시 안 함
registration.bio_placeholder e.g.
Hi, I'm Lain.
I’m an anime girl living in suburban Japan. You may know me from the Wired.
registration.reason Reason to register
registration.reason_placeholder This instance approves registrations manually.
Let the administration know why you want to register.
registration.register Register
remote_user_resolver.remote_user_resolver Remote user resolver Save changes
settings.setting_changed Setting is different from default
settings.enter_current_password_to_confirm Enter your current password to confirm your identity
settings.mentions_new_style Fancier mention links
settings.mentions_new_place Put mentions on a separate line
settings.mfa.wait_pre_setup_otp presetting OTP
settings.mfa.warning_of_generate_new_codes When you generate new recovery codes, your old codes won’t work anymore.
settings.mfa.recovery_codes_warning Write the codes down or save them somewhere secure - otherwise you won't see them again. If you lose access to your 2FA app and recovery codes you'll be locked out of your account.
settings.mfa.scan.desc Using your two-factor app, scan this QR code or enter text key:
settings.mfa.verify.desc To enable two-factor authentication, enter the code from your two-factor app:
settings.allow_following_move Allow auto-follow when following account moves
settings.avatarAltRadius Avatars (notifications) 아바타 (알림)