Key English Indonesian
about.mrf.keyword.keyword_policies Keyword policies
about.mrf.keyword.ftl_removal Removal from "The Whole Known Network" Timeline
about.mrf.keyword.replace Replace
about.mrf.mrf_policies_desc MRF policies manipulate the federation behaviour of the instance. The following policies are enabled:
about.mrf.simple.simple_policies Instance-specific policies
about.mrf.simple.instance Instance
about.mrf.simple.reason Reason
about.mrf.simple.not_applicable N/A
about.mrf.simple.ftl_removal Removal from "Known Network" Timeline
about.mrf.simple.ftl_removal_desc This instance removes these instances from "Known Network" timeline:
about.mrf.simple.media_nsfw Media force-set as sensitive
about.mrf.simple.media_nsfw_desc This instance forces media to be set sensitive in posts on the following instances:
features_panel.media_proxy Media proxy
features_panel.scope_options Scope options
features_panel.who_to_follow Who to follow
general.dismiss Dismiss
general.flash_security Note that this can be potentially dangerous since Flash content is still arbitrary code. Harap ingat ini dapat menjadi berbahaya karena konten Flash masih termasuk arbitrary code.
login.heading.recovery Two-factor recovery
nav.twkn Known Network
nav.bookmarks Bookmarks