Key English
features_panel.upload_limit Upload limit
general.role.admin Admin
general.role.moderator Moderator
general.flash_content Click to show Flash content using Ruffle (Experimental, may not work).
general.flash_security Note that this can be potentially dangerous since Flash content is still arbitrary code.
general.flash_fail Failed to load flash content, see console for details.
nav.home_timeline Home timeline
notifications.error Error fetching notifications: {0}
polls.people_voted_count {count} person voted | {count} people voted
polls.votes_count {count} vote | {count} votes Post
registration.reason Reason to register
registration.reason_placeholder This instance approves registrations manually.
Let the administration know why you want to register.
registration.register Register Save changes
settings.setting_changed Setting is different from default
settings.mentions_new_style Fancier mention links
settings.mentions_new_place Put mentions on a separate line
settings.mute_export Mute export
settings.mute_export_button Export your mutes to a csv file