Key English (You)
status.plus_more +{number} more
general.role.admin Admin
settings.always_show_post_button Always show floating New Post button
settings.file_export_import.backup_settings_theme Backup settings and theme to file
settings.file_export_import.backup_settings Backup settings to file Bot
general.flash_content Click to show Flash content using Ruffle (Experimental, may not work).
user_card.edit_profile Edit profile
notifications.error Error fetching notifications: {0}
timeline.error Error fetching timeline: {0}
settings.mute_import_error Error importing mutes
status.expand Expand
settings.mute_export_button Export your mutes to a csv file
status.external_source External source
general.flash_fail Failed to load flash content, see console for details.
settings.mentions_new_style Fancier mention links
settings.file_export_import.errors.file_slightly_new File minor version is different, some settings might not load
settings.hide_shoutbox Hide instance shoutbox
settings.hide_wallpaper Hide instance wallpaper