Key English
settings.mute_import Mute import
settings.mute_import_error Error importing mutes
settings.mutes_imported Mutes imported! Processing them will take a while.
settings.import_mutes_from_a_csv_file Import mutes from a csv file
settings.word_filter Word filter
settings.hide_media_previews Hide media previews
settings.hide_all_muted_posts Hide muted posts
settings.hide_shoutbox Hide instance shoutbox
settings.right_sidebar Show sidebar on the right side
settings.always_show_post_button Always show floating New Post button
settings.hide_wallpaper Hide instance wallpaper
settings.file_export_import.backup_restore Settings backup
settings.file_export_import.backup_settings Backup settings to file
settings.file_export_import.backup_settings_theme Backup settings and theme to file
settings.file_export_import.restore_settings Restore settings from file
settings.file_export_import.errors.invalid_file The selected file is not a supported Pleroma settings backup. No changes were made.
settings.file_export_import.errors.file_too_new Incompatile major version: {fileMajor}, this PleromaFE (settings ver {feMajor}) is too old to handle it
settings.file_export_import.errors.file_too_old Incompatile major version: {fileMajor}, file version is too old and not supported (min. set. ver. {feMajor})
settings.file_export_import.errors.file_slightly_new File minor version is different, some settings might not load
settings.reply_visibility_following_short Show replies to my follows